Grid Insight NB-407 Receiver shown attached to a belt

The NB-407 “Naselle B” portable receiver provides a handy way for utility field technicians and meter shop staff to verify transmissions from AMR endpoints and AMR-equipped utility meters. It receives and decodes SCM messages from Itron ERT-equipped meters and endpoints like the 60W and 100W for water, the 100G for gas, and the C1SR R300 for electricity. It also receives and decodes non-FHSS Badger ORION signals.

Operating on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the Naselle B receiver will run all day before it needs a recharge. It relays received data via Bluetooth to your Android smartphone or tablet, or to your Bluetooth-equipped laptop. The data stream is simple serial data, so it can be easily integrated into your work order system. For details on the data format, see the NB-407 User Manual.

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Battery type Lithium ion prismatic single cell, 3.7 V nominal
Battery capacity 1200 mAh
Runtime on a full charge Greater than 16 hours
Stand-by time on a full charge Greater than 72 hours
Charge voltage and maximum current 5 V @ 220 mA
Receive range for Badger ORION fixed-frequency signals Approximately 100 feet line-of-sight
Receive range for Itron 60W and 100W FHSS SCM signals Approximately 10 to 40 feet line-of-sight (depending on antenna angle), decreasing in the presence of obstructions or interference
Dimensions 4” H x 2 7/8” W x 1 1/4” D
Weight 3.8 oz
Enclosure material UL-rated molded ABS plastic