Our philosophy

You need only read our founder’s early blog posts on the subject of open energy management to know we are committed to empowering consumers with the information and tools they need to make smart energy (and water) choices.

We believe in the power of a few motivated people to bring about major social change. That’s why Grid Insight exists – to bring about change. Everything else is secondary.

All documentation and reference code on this website is released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike and GNU GPL/AGPL licenses.

Third-party open-source software projects

Note: the projects below are not reviewed or endorsed by Grid Insight, but they are reported to us to be compatible with one or more of our devices. Some of these projects may still be under development. For more information, please contact the project host or sponsor listed on the project’s web site.

amr-grapher - Automated Meter Reader Grapher

“This project is a Processing sketch that currently talks with the excellent AMRUSB-1 device created by Grid Insight and creates logs, graphs and calculations to show how much electricity your home is using over time.”

Plug-in for Open Source Automation

By Open Source Automation project contributor.

jamr - Java Automated Meter Reading

In Java, released under GNU GPL v3.